Jason & Laura // Armathwaite Hall Wedding Photography

Armathwaite Hall Wedding Photography – Jason & Laura’s Wedding 

“Thanks to our amazing pictures we have the memories to last a life time” 

We just LOVE weddings in the Lake District, I don’t know if its the stunning venues or the beautiful landscape but as a Lake District Wedding Photographer we are truly blessed with amazing weddings and Jason & Laura’s big day at Armathwaite Hall was AMAZING!!! 

Now the full story is a little different as this wedding adventure started with Storm Desmond throwing floods, high winds and even snow storms at us taking out bridges and our hotel for the night before, but on the day of their wedding the sun shone and everybody had a huge smile on their face. 

We grabbed a few shots of Laura & her Bridesmaids in the morning as the excitement in the room grew whilst at the other side of Armathwaite Hall was Jason looking so smart in his uniform of The Duke Of Lancaster’s Regiment with his best men & Ushers contributing to the days laughter with their endless jokes & pranks. 

One of our favourite parts of the day is when the Brides Father see’s his daughter for the first time and a few tears where shed as Laura’s very proud Dad walked her up the aisle to a very nervous Jason. 

Bassenthwaite Lake and the stunning Lake District hills provided the most beautiful of photography backdrops for the gorgeous Mr & Mrs Lamonby-Parker who just love photography and wanted to make the most of their day, even when the rain started to pour down this didn’t stop them, infact one of our favourite images of the day was just the two of them under an umbrella as the rain poured down, after all Storm Desmond didn’t stop the weddings so a bit of rain certainly wasn’t going stop the party.

A huge thank you to Jason & Laura for choosing Stanbury Photography as their Armathwaite Hall Wedding Photographers, we had such an amazing time and loved every minute of their beautiful day. Enjoy travelling the world on your honeymoon. If you’re looking for an experienced Lake District Wedding Photographers then drop us an email, we would love to join you on your wedding adventure. D&J xx

2015 – Looking Back On A Year Of Memories

So how do you define a year, after all a year is a long time…. 365 days or 8760 hours or 525600 minutes… how do YOU define YOUR year? We define our year by images & memories and below is a small selection of our best memories from 2015 & what a year it was. 2015 had so many highlights for us, we witnessed special peoples lives change forever at amazing weddings in stunning locations. Our photography took us to all parts of the UK, to beautiful Florence and New York no less, we witnessed so much love and happiness and received such wonderful hospitality from all our amazing couples, we where truly humbled. We continued to have great support from fellow photographers for our training services, holding workshops & seminars in London, Amsterdam and the truly amazing Las Vegas. So Happy New Year and here’s to a fantastic 2016, a year that will provide more amazing memories for us in our 21st year in business. We are honoured to be shooting weddings in all parts of the UK and Europe and witnessing that fun & laughter that first made us want to be wedding photographers… So here’s to a fantastic 2016 and the BEST job in the world. VIVA!!!!
I do hope you enjoyed these images as much as we did capturing them and to our gorgeous couples I hope they brought back some amazing memories. Thanks 2015 you where brilliant!!!! D&J xx

London Wedding Photography – preview

on the banks of the River Thames overlooking London, Margaux & Graham’s wedding at One Whitehall Place was just perfect, surrounded by their closest family & friends….. and the most wonderful of venues, we loved every minute of this wedding. Their story coming to the blog soon. D&J xx

Wedding Photography Masterclass – ‘The Italian Job’

Wedding Photography Masterclass in Italy 

I have to say that this was a dream come true, I have had the honour of working with Hasselblad Cameras, Graphistudio & Broncolor for a few years now and this was one of those moments that come once a lifetime. We were asked to host a 5 day Wedding Photography Workshop as part of the release of Hasselblads new Flagship Camera the H5D 50cmos and to help promote Graphistudio Albums and as Graphistudio have just renovated 2 stunning locations to host photography workshops then this was a perfect match & our Italian Job became a reality. We arrived at Marco Polo airport in Venice to 35+ degree heat and after checking in to our fabulous Hotel we had a recce around Maniago, our base for the trip. The first day was held at the stunning Palazo D’Attimis in the centre of Maniago, The delegates were introduced to the cameras, lights, albums infact everything a wedding photographer needs to run a successful business then onto the main business… shooting gorgeous images in a stunning location. Our models Stephanie & Simone were first up and with the old look & feel of the Palazzo D’Atimis we showed a more ‘Fine Art’ approach to how to shoot a wedding couple with a more formal look to capture a timeless feel to the image. For you photographers all my Images are shot on the Hasselblad H5D 50 cmos this image was daylight but with a broncolor move pack & soft box giving a little fill flash from above. I love the triangle patten of this image & boy what a look from our couple. Processed to give a timeless film like feel to the image. The lighting was just amazing and I was able to get really creative with the shafts of light flooding into the room. The delegates get their shots, ably assisted by David Neild from Hasselblad #LB7 holding the lights Another room in the stunning Pallazo D’Atimis this time to include the amazing ceiling (shot with a 24mm lens & flash balanced to keep the highlights in the window behind) Mark Witney from Hasselblad shows the delegates the array of functions on the new Hasselblad H5d 50 cmos Our two gorgeous Bride models Lorella & Stephanie take a break Back to shooting, this time Lorella on the staircase, just with available light & a little fill flash. Outside in the Palace Gardens to get more movement into the shots, Lorella giving the delegates a spin One of our speciality shots on weddings, shot to show the power of the Broncolor lights… turning Italian sun to darkness Day 3 we was held at the ‘jaw dropingly’ beautiful Castello Ceconi, words cannot describe how beautiful this place is… it is immaculate and a true testament to the passion for perfection from Tullio Tramotina, the CEO at Graphistudio and whose passion this castle was and is. Time for a quick team shot in front of the castle. I wish you could feel just how hot it was this day, 34+ degrees not a cloud in the sky as we grabbed the must have shot, Stephanie & Simone with the most stunning of backdrops Just how beautiful is the Castello Ceconi… one of my favourite shots of the whole trip If the architecture of the Castle exterior wasn’t good enough the inside is Ultra Modern, just unbelievable!!! I shot a bit more fashion style this time with Lorella. One of my fave shots of Lorella, the ceiling is a mood ceiling and you can choose your colour to match your mood…. how cool is that You have to be careful were you put your camera… Lorella having a go behind the lens, Yes she was photographing me… NO you can’t see the photos 😉 This amazing day ended with a fabulous Gala meal hosted by Tullio, his daughters Lisa & Alice & our new friends from Graphistudio consisting of local hams,cheeses and the wonderful local wine, an evening both Jane & I will remember for ever. Day 4 was a visit to the Graphistudio factory to see how our (and yours) albums are created. This turned out to be a real eye opener as the albums went from state of the art machinery to next being hand assembled & hand glued to make our stunning albums, I knew that our albums were hand crafted but i really didn’t think so much time,effort and passion was put into the process… we now view our albums in a totally different way, I knew they were the best (thats why we only use Graphistudio albums) but now I know why. Unfortunately due to the nature of the process we were unable to take photographs inside the factory but did get another group shot outside… then a lift back with my good friend Francesco in the Hummer… Brilliant!! I have so many people to thank for creating & making this a truly amazing few days not only for Jane & myself but the delegates also. Thanks to the Hasselblad/Broncolor guys Mark for all his planning,organising & patience,David & my new #LB Colin. Graphistudio Uk Jeremy & Martin for the UK planning, Graphistudio Italy, Dario, Lisa, Alice, Chiara and Tullio and not forgetting the fixer, Francesco if we needed it he got it, what a guy!!!! a huge thanks to our models Stephanie, Lorella & my double Simone 🙂 to my co host Milosz & our awesome delegates who without this would never have happened, Thank you, and last but not least to Jane who took the behind the scenes shots, helped the models, ran around looking after the delegates and putting up with my rubbish Italian. This was a truly fabulous intensive few days that have left memories with me that will last forever 🙂 Now the planning starts for next years trip… you interested????

Photography Workshop in Italy – coming soon

Photography workshop in Italy with Hasselblad cameras, Graphistudio albums & Broncolor lighting 

We have just returned from what can only be described as ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Italy hosting a wedding photography masterclass were we demonstrated our approach and styles (like below) to delegates This image of 2 of our fabulous models Simone & Stephanie we shot in Fine Art Style to match the stunning surroundings of the Palazzo D’Attimis Comming to the blog soon is the full story of our ‘Itallian Job’ (somebody had to say it) so keep an eye open. D&J xx

Lumley Castle Wedding Photography – coming soon

Wedding Photography at Lumley Castle – Martin & Jane’s Wedding 

What a stunning location Lumley Castle is, can’t wait to share with you Martin & Jane’s wedding at one of Durham’s premier wedding venues

Looking Back… 2013 Review

Stanbury Photography 2013 Review

Well as we come to the close of 2013 its at this time Jane & I look back at the year…. and what a year 2013 has been, so many new experiences, new venues & new friends. Its only as we were putting this review together that we realised just how GOOD 2013 had been (we thought it would have been quiet but not so)and this review is only a small selection of behind the scenes & weddings if we included our portrait & fashion shoots this post would be huge, so grab yourself a cup of tea, get comfy as here is a small insight into our year……
2013 was the year that our workshops to help improve other photographers took off and we started really on a high with Photo Training Overseas in Lanzarote with photographers joining us from the UK & Ireland

We also managed an amazing early morning shoot in the Lanzarote hills with a Royal Ballet trained Dancer Paris for her portfolio Over 2013 we were asked to provide more seminars & training with our good friends and worlds largest wedding album company Graphistudio of Italy, who asked us to do a series of seminars on their display stand at Europe’s largest photography trade show And workshops for the top Pro Camera company Hasselblad Cameras at Chateaux Impeny in the midlands & the first ever Shoot London (ShootLDN) aimed at the fashion & top end photography world Over The last twelve months we have also presented photography workshops & seminars in The South West, various locations in London & a great workshop in Northern Ireland we also met some amazing photographers and made many new friends around the UK & Ireland. 2013 was also a good year for awards, most notably Regional winner of the Wedding Album of the Year & bronze award for UK wedding Album of the Year, along with Gold awards for our portraiture, weddings & service in general. Also I was nominated in the prestigious Hasselblad Masters as the only UK photographer in the wedding section, this is a world wide competition and Masters status has been awarded to some of the most famous photographers in the world But all what we have achieved in 2013 and what we hope to achieve in 2014 would not be possible without YOU, our fabulous clients. We have had one of the best years ever, we have laughed with you, cried with you and witnessed your lives change forever and we are so proud that you chose us to capture the memories that you will hold forever…. we really do have the best job in the world. Here is a very small insight into our 2013 wedding journey, we could have posted 10 times as many images but the post would be huge so after much thought here is a few of our fave images of 2013…….

So that was a small look at 2013 a huge thank you to you our Bride & Grooms, our family portraits, our fashion and commercial clients, our actors, our babies…. our friends. We are a family run business and the business is our family and thats how we want to stay, our joy is seeing the joy & emotion in peoples faces as they see their images, their memories. This has been our 18th Year in business and we have seen many changes but one thing has always stayed the same… our passion for photography, it really is our life. So heres to 2014 we have so many exciting things to share with you as our journey continues with new couples who’s lives will change, new stories to tell, new smiles and new adventures. All that is left is to say have a Happy Christmas & A Prosperous New Year. All our love David,Jane,Kayla,Shanna & Cavan AKA ‘The Stanburys’ xxxxx